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  • Why should I trust you as my DJ?
    Hagan has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best around. One of them worked as a club DJ all across the US and even DJ’d an event with MC Hammer! Hagan does freelance work for several large DJ companies in SC. In this business, experience is crucial - we have plenty of it with weddings, parties, schools and corporate events. We have worked with brides, individuals, schools, and businesses for events ranging from weddings to musical bingo. The most important customer we have is you!
  • How did you become a DJ?
    Hagan grew up in a very musical family. He got his first mixer for Christmas when he was 14 and that’s when it all started! Since then, we have been a family run company. We have DJ'd weddings, all types of parties and reunions, and of course, school dances. We have a unique combination of experience that puts us a step above just about any other DJ on the market.
  • What do you charge for your services?
    Our wedding prices may be a little higher than some DJ’s but we provide a full team to make sure your day is perfect! No detail escapes us and we will work with you up until the day of the wedding. On your special day, we will coordinate with your wedding planner and photographer to make sure everything is just like you want it! We give you one price for all the services you want for your wedding. We love to help with anything from birthdays to reunions and all events in between. Prices differ for even type as coordination levels will vary so please give us a call for an affordable and customized estimate.
  • I scheduled my event with you. What comes next?
    For weddings, we will work with the bride to determine how she wants her day to look - she will provide input on the music we play, and the order of her ceremony and reception - and we will work to make it happen! For all other events, we will work with the customer to determine what styles and genre of music they desire which will keep the dance floor full for your party. You can trust that we will always strive to be family friendly, but we can read the room!
  • What if I have to cancel my event? Will I get my deposit back?
    We do ask for a non-refundable deposit of 20% in advance to book an event. If we are able to reschedule, you can apply your deposit to the new date. We will do our best to work with new schedule adjustments, but if rescheduling is not possible on our end, we unfortunately cannot refund your deposit.
  • What advice would you give me as I look for a DJ?
    Just about anyone can play some music through a speaker these days. So, when you consider hiring a DJ, it’s more than someone with a computer and a speaker. You want someone who can "read" your crowd and keep the party going. You want someone who has a good feel of all genres and eras of music. Your DJ needs a large physical library of music - these days, streaming is a top choice for how music is played, but what if the WiFi goes out? What type of lighting does your DJ have and does it fit your event? If your event is outside, or you have a large crowd, a small set of speakers would not be enough. Our large system is a full 6000 watts of power, and your guests will love the atmosphere we can create with a combination of sound, lighting and, if you’d like, even a fog machine! Give us a call if you have more questions - we would love to make your event memorable and special.

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